How To Eliminate Stress And Calming the Mind

Each person will have problems that range from small to large problems that make people depressed to be the problem and make your mind stress.
Despite the problems faced by small even if the problem will collide lead to stress as well, so it will affect your daily activities.

How To Eliminate Stress And Calm Mind – To eliminate the stress there are some points that you should do the following:

1. Identify Causes of Stress

First of all, try to find out what most makes you feel depressed. Sometimes external sources such as the work environment, the burden of thinking too much or problems couples and families who become the main cause
or lest the source of your own thoughts, anxiety, mood changes can trigger stress kondiisi

2. Learn to say no in life
It was very hard to say ‘no’ in a personal or professional life because you think that by refusing, others will surely feel irritated. Be firm, focus on your own goals and dare to say no to them it gives you peace, this would prevent you get carried away stressful thoughts than Iya forced to say while you can not afford menuanikannya, eventually those ends can cause stress.

3. Do not Bring to front Emotions

When a person’s behavior that bothers makes you stressed. Speak politely to her and tell me about it. Take charge of your thoughts and emotions, not to anger tanbah make things complicated.

4. Need Time For Yourself

Try to relax. Spend some time with your family, read a book or watch a favorite movie, playing a favorite sport every afternoon or enjoy the beauty of nature with friends, will really calm your mind and let go of all the tension and stress of mind.

5. Hang out with positive people
Spent some time with positive people, at least strengthen your mental to withstand stress. it is advisable for you to exchange ideas and share grievances in people who are always positive.

6. Listening to Music
Music works like magic to soothe your mind and give effect to relax from all the tensions and stress. So listen to your favorite music or play the guitar or the piano when you are feeling stressed it is good to try.

7. Get enough sleep
Sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours every day because rejuvenate our bodies and make it ready for the next day. If we do not get enough sleep, our bodies are tired, do not have enough energy to concentrate and work well which lead to stress.

8. Laugh
It is said that laughter is good medicine. If you have a good sense of humor, you are less prone to stress, depression and anxiety. If you are facing some difficult phase in life, do not lose the smile on your face and face a fighter who never cursed fate.

9. Talk to a friend
Nowadays it seems to send short messages or use the chat application is a common practice for a chat. But try to call your friends. Talk to the people you care about can help the body gives a positive response.

10. Do yoga
When you feel tired with all the problems at work and at home, take some time for five minutes to do a pose ‘open heart’. There are some yoga poses that focus on the shoulder and chest to release the physical and mental burden. These postures can help release emotional stress and eliminate the negative effects from sitting too long.

11. Find the positive things around us.
Do not dwell on our weaknesses. Gather things – positive things from us and we are blessed with an excess.

12. Laugh
To prevent and relieve stress, we need to maintain our sense of humor, including being able to laugh at yourself. We can share funny stories with your friends – to entertain themselves.

Are there other things that you usually do to relieve stress?
please share with social media.

Simple Ways to Make Body Being Athletic

Have a body that athleticism is the dream of all men, in addition to body looks nicer and Masculine, Men who have a body that athleticism was more confident and looks healthy, even a lot of lady who likes Men who have a Body Athletic, because, like the man who likes to Female body shape slim and sexy

Simple Ways to Make Body  Being Athletic
1. Push Up
Push ups are a sport to hold the body or bodies by hand, this exercise strengthens the arm and stamina sportsmen powerful remedy in the face of workers who need a hand.
If often bicep with push-ups … you can strengthen and build muscle your arm, you can even lift your own body. Depending on how much weight your body?
This exercise can be done anywhere. at home, in the room, in the office anywhere. It’s very practical only membuthkan space about the size of your body.

2. Sit Up
Sit up is exercise to strengthen your stomach, with this sport, you can make your abdominal muscles into a sixpack.
So that stomach fat can often exercise kuruskan with sit ups.
With this exercise you will be possessed great stomach and breathing okay. Because with this exercise also indirectly regulate your breathing.

3. Run
Running is defined as the quickest way for animals and humans to move the legs. It is defined in sporting terms as body movement (gait) where at some point all feet are not touching the ground. Running is a form of aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise.
With running, you can strengthen your breathing, your endurance, even your calf and thigh, with a run can form your thigh and calf muscles more athleticism. To run is suitable for those who possessed a hobby that requires leg strength. By running you can eliminate minor illnesses that come from your laziness.
Oh yes, running also is a fun sport. Because in general we almost always run. This sport can be accompanied by the right music to cool your heart.

4. Pull Up
Pull up is sport weight lifting, exercise such as push-ups for strengthening your hands. Even with the fast can strengthen and establish your arm muscles to be more athletic. But pull up is one simple exercise which is quite tiring.

5. Scotch Jump
Scots jump exercise is to strengthen your legs and thighs. Like run, jump Scots strengthen or build muscle your legs and thighs. But Scots jump more tiring than the run, because the Scots jump is activity melemperkan hold our body and our body (jump) on the power that we have.
Please try ….!!!

Savor Sweet Purple for Health

Purple yam is synonymous as a food village. But make no mistake, it turns purple sweet potato has a lot of content that is good for health, as in the purple color artifacts as an antioxidant that can absorb toxins, can help the immune system, and prevent clumping of blood cells. In addition, potatoes also have a prebiotic, oligosaccharides, and low Glycemic Index levels. For more complete than purple yam for Health Benefits read on below.


Source of Vitamins
Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins, and vitamins contained in it among Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, and Vitamin A.
Foods for Diabetes
Indeed there is a sense of sweet potato tasted sweet, but it is very mempengarahui to treatment in patients
diabetes disease. With sweet potatoes, diabetics can replace rice or carbohydrate foods with sweet potatoes.

Anti cancer
The active ingredient selenium and iodine 20 higher than in other yams. So, purple yam can treat or be anti-cancer.
AsthmaIndeed, asthma can not be cured with a full recovery, but at least we treat it as often as possible so it does not recur. Asthma is usually the nose is clogged, and lungs pump air difficult. With mengkosumsi purple yam, you can use such as treating asthma.Gain weight
With sweetness and complex carbohydrates and vitamins contained in purple yam can menmbah your weight. In addition to the regular mengkosumsi purple yam with the muscles in your body will be formed which of course you also need to do some form of body building exercises.

So, what is your comment on the efficacy of this purple yam? Sweet potatoes are not just food ‘rustic’ but it also can be eaten by the urban community as a means of prevention of various diseases kind.